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Odor Neutralizer

When it comes to Odor Neutralizer, the name of Soham Chemicals is recognized as a reliable Manufacturer & Supplier in market. We offer premium Odor Neutralizer that is formulated using advanced methodology and technology. We mainly offer two types of Odor Neutralizer such as Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC -33) and Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC -99). Both of our Odor Neutralizers are eco-friendly and biodegradable products. We cater diverse requirements of the industry by supplying well-tested Natural Odor Neutralizer at reasonable rates.

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Odor Neutralizer (Organic Base): for control any type of Foul Odor. It Can Be Use in all type of Dumping Ground.


Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC -33) is an odor neutralizer that reacts at a molecular level with odor causing elements and reduces them along with other pollutants. Natural Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC -33), offered by us, reduces odor to the minimum levels leaving a clean and fresh air and thereby improving quality


We offer Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) that is used for multiple applications. Mainly Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99), offered by us, is used while disposing solid waste. Our Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) is not just eco friendly but can be recycled as it is a biodegradable product.