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Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC -99)

We offer Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) that is used for multiple applications. Mainly Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99), offered by us, is used while disposing solid waste. Our Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) is not just eco friendly but can be recycled as it is a biodegradable product.

What Is Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (S -99)?
Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) is a multi-purpose compound for solid waste management. Our Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) is effective in tackling the problems related to solid waste management. The dumped solid waste consisting of food waste and garbage becomes a ground for millions of microbes to develop and emit foul odor. This also becomes a breeding ground for houseflies, mosquitoes and other pests. Our Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) is specially formulated to repel pests and allows bacteria to convert garbage into fertilizer. This principle has been tested in many dumping grounds and is the technique of recycling which is also a part of green revolution.

Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) not only masks the foul odor but also neutralizes odor causing microbes due to its unique formulation. We offer Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99) that removes 80-90 % of foul odor naturally by controlling growth of microbes & masks the remaining foul odors with its natural pleasant fragrance.

Properties Of Our Eco Friendly Odor Neutralizer (SC-99)
  • Appearance : Off white /Green colored liquid
  • Odor : Typical odor of Azardirachta Indica
  • Ph : 7
  • Boiling Point : Not Applicable
  • Melting Point : Not Applicable
  • Flash Point : Not Applicable
  • Flammability : Non Inflammable
  • Explosive Property : None
  • Oxidizing Property : Inert
  • Vapour Pressure : Not Applicable
  • Specific Gravity : Approximately 1
  • Solubility : Soluble in water
  • Inhalations : None
  • Ingestion : No Severe damages
  • Handling/Storage : Store in ventilated area
  • Hazardous Identification : None

Note : Ingredients used in this formulation are not classified as hazardous according to EC directives 1999/45/EC)

Skin Contact : The ph of the product is 7 and hence skin irritation is not expected for normal skin. However, it is recommended to use hand gloves.

Eye Contact : In case of eye contact slight irritation may occur. Immediately wash eyes with sufficient water and consult a physician.

Dosage : Dissolve 1 Liter (1000 ml) in 100-200 liters of water and spray on the heaps of the garbage. However, one can increase or decrease the dosage as per the desired results.