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Biodegradable Chemical

As a prominent Biodegradable Chemical manufacturer and supplier, we offer a high quality product developed using latest technology. We provide premium quality Biodegradable Chemicals that are not just eco-friendly but also non-toxic in nature. With all these features, the availability of our Biodegradable Chemical range at affordable prices makes it highly demanded. The Biodegradable Chemicals are provided for various cleaning purposes and are acclaimed for their excellent performance in various applications.

  • Pure Herbal Base
  • Eco Friendly
  • Economical Properties
  • Free from all Heavy Metals


Appearance off white coloures liquid
Odour typical odour of Azardirachta Indica
Ph 7
Boiling Point Not Applicable
Melting Point Not Applicable
Flash Point Not Applicable
Flammability Non Inframmable
Explosive Property None
Oxidising Property Inert
Vapour Pressure Not Applicable
Specific Gravity Approximately 1
Solubility Soluble in Water
Inhalations None
Ingestion No Severe damages
Handing / Storage Store in ventilated area
Hazardous Identification None
(The ingredients used in this formulation are not ctassified as hazardous according to EC directives 1999I45/EC)

Skin Contact
  • The Ph of the product is 7 and hence skin irritation is not expected for norrnai skin However it is recommended to use hand gioves.

Eye Contact
  • Stighi irritation can occur Wash eyes with sufficient _water and consult a physician.

  • Dissoive I liter (1000 ml) in 100 -200 liters of water and spray on the heaps or the garbage However one can increase or decrease the dosage as per the required resuits.